Featured Members


Rachel Oliver

Rachel Oliver is an award-winning real estate investor and Rent to Own expert. Since 2010 she has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the barriers of buying a residential property and building equity.

Together with her husband, Rachel owns and operates Clover Properties, Canada’s most reputable Rent to Own agency.

Rachel lives north of Toronto with her husband, two girls and three pets - a bird, cat and dog. To learn about Clover Properties visit www.RethinkRenting.com.



Lina Zanzonico

Lina is an ambitious, driven individual who strives to reach her personal, professional and financial goals. She specializes and helps individuals gain more confidence. She has a growing organization and has become a leader. She also develops leaders by providing training, guidance and mentoring. Her dream has always been to inspire and influence people everywhere. 

As a legal assistant in a downtown law firm for many years, Lina realized she really had a passion for working with people one on one and making a difference. She wanted to have an impact on them in some way.  Lina decided she wanted to become her own boss and entrepreneur. She found Monat and was one of the first to enroll in Ontario and the first to hit the Mentor level.. Through Monat and their exceptional products, Lina is extremely passionate about this luxury haircare line and helping people with their hair goals by recommending these age prevention haircare products that are made of natural botanicals and the safest of science. Lina provides an exceptional customer service experience with one on one interaction making sure her clients are completely satisfied with the product and results. For more info please visit www.lina.mymonat.com