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Tina Oxford

Tina brings a diverse knowledge base and breadth of experience to her clients, assisting them with both hands-on and strategic support. She is powerful and effective when working closely with senior leaders and executive teams, navigating with a strategic mindset through People, Cultural, and Corporate challenges. Tina's broad knowledge, business acumen and her special ability to build strong and lasting relationships, all prove invaluable to her clients. As a result, Tina gives her clients back their freedom to focus on their number one priority: building their business.

 Her clients range from emerging tech companies to transnational corporations, but no matter their size or stage of development, Tina expertly guides them through critical business transformations, turnarounds, M&A integrations, culture development and people strategies. 



Liliana Ursini- Zava

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I must admit life is beautiful, and what makes it beautiful is everyone around me who has supported me throughout my journey. I have had a life full of experiences and wouldn’t trade them for anything because I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Food is my passion, I have been in the hospitality industry over 25 years which is a great portion of my life, I have owned several kiosks, and a unique successful Italian restaurant in Vaughan which had Karaoke and live bands that were amazing, the food and atmosphere is still being talked about today, but the past 18 years my dream was to become a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Having my challenges in my years I knew if I don’t follow my dreams or try to maybe I would feel like my journey would not be completed.

After two years of studying and working full time, supporting my family and home with hard work and determination I achieved my dream. Today I am a Licence Real Estate Agent and I am very proud of myself. I am with Realty Executives Priority One Brokerage in Vaughan, so this is what I do now! I work with home buyers and sellers throughout the GTA and surrounding areas to achieve their Real Estate Goals. From closing deals in record time to providing step-by-step assistance to clients moving up or downsizing, I bring local expertise and dedicated service to buyers and sellers alike. I especially enjoy working with retirement-age clients searching for the perfect home to meet their unique needs, as well as guiding first-time home buyers with special attention to detail and in making one of the biggest investments happen with ease…. But...

I wanted to go further, I wanted to expand and use my life learning’s and making sure that I use my expertise fully. I joined HUB Inc. last month and I have attended two networking events and I knew this is where I needed to be. Thank you HUB Inc. I was able to continue my journey in life which was helping others to achieve their goals threw HUB inc I connected with the owners of Clover Properties, Inc they have introduced to me a Rent to Own Program and by understanding their concept and great heartedness I needed and wanted to be a part of this program because I knew that this was meant for me it will help me to help others get back on track and /or making their dreams come true. I really believe making a difference in someone’s life is truly rewarding and I will continue to do that.

Last but not least, I need to mention one of the most important parts of my life which is my loving husband who has never once questioned or doubted me in my abilities to grow and achieve success and my beautiful children that has supported me from day one every step of the way and with their understanding and approval which helped me tremendously to achieve my goals today.

The greatest Thank you to my family I will continue to grow with them and provide the best quality of love and support they deserve.


Rachel Oliver


Rachel Oliver is an award-winning real estate investor and Rent to Own expert. Since 2010 she has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners overcome the barriers of buying a residential property and building equity.

Together with her husband, Rachel owns and operates Clover Properties, Canada’s most reputable Rent to Own agency.

Rachel lives north of Toronto with her husband, two girls and three pets - a bird, cat and dog. To learn about Clover Properties visit www.RethinkRenting.com.



Ruth Plumb


Ruth Plumb is a portrait photographer and visual storyteller.  

As a mother to four children (including 2 adult children in university!!!), Ruth understands the importance of women existing in photographs, especially with their families in portraits and also being the face of their business in social media and marketing.

For women who usually hate having their photos taken or avoids the camera, Ruth makes her photo shoot experience stress-free, comfortable and fun.  She brings in a professional hair and makeup artist to do your hair and makeup and you can wear multiple outfits so you don't have to decide on one look.

She strongly believes it’s not your job to be photogenic or good in front of the camera. It’s her job to pose you and direct you through your entire photo shoot so you can have photos you feel beautiful in, and you feel proud of.

For your home, Ruth creates memorable photos of you with your family to cherish.  For the entrepreneur, Ruth captures your personality, and tells the story of your business to your clients.

In addition to her love for people and photography, Ruth loves to design cute knitted hats, sew and make stained glass art. She's a soccer mom, dance mom and volunteer mom (over the 15+ years at her children's elementary school she has been known as the "Pizza" lady, the "Snack" lady, "Cookie" lady...and this past year, the "Pita" lady). Ruth values her family, and nothing gets in the way of planned date nights with her hubby.

Ruth invites you to get in touch with her and plan your personalized photo shoot.

Check her out!