Jessica’s Message:

Jessica Stephens - Director, H.U.B Inc - Toronto GTA

Jessica Stephens - Director, H.U.B Inc - Toronto GTA

Hello and welcome to H.U.B Inc Toronto, the city that started it all with our wonderful founder Mary Morassutti. 

I'm so honoured to be part of the H.U.B Inc family as the Director for Toronto, serving our members of entrepreneurs and inspiring others to take the leap of getting into business for themselves!  When you are a member of a community like H.U.B Inc, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself!   

While having a long career in Marketing and Advertising on the corporate side, I've always been an entrepreneur at heart. Growing up with entrepreneurs and working for family run businesses, the seed was planted from a young age and it was just a matter of time till I would take leap myself!  Which I did in 2015, when I realized that my husbands pilot career and my corporate career were at odds with each other. With my new pilot wife status, I needed to get out of the office and be able to pick up and go, no matter where in the world his career took us.  I started my online health and wellness business with Arbonne International and freed myself from the confines of having to physically show up to an office. "Have laptop, will travel" became my mission and it's been an adventure ever since.  

I have a big passion for helping others make that same transition to entrepreneurship and succeeding. While it is certainly a challenging life, it opens up the potential for having freedoms and choices that only being their own boss can give. Whether you are the self-employed practitioner, freelance service provider, a digital franchise owner or a restauranteur; there is a common bond we share and that is to be in service of others.  So thank you for allowing me to serve you, the wonderful members of H.U.B Inc Toronto,  let's get your businesses growing. 

Reach out to me at, we'll connect to swap life and business stories!