“ As a Book Publisher and Printer and Connector who builds my business and earns a living meeting people and connecting them to opportunity, resources, strategies and more business, I was delighted but not surprised at the calibre of people at the inaugural ‘H.U.B Inc’ Event. Congratulations Mary Morassutti for delivering a high-end business network that is more than just networking for Canadian business owners and leaders. I can only imagine what’s in store for us at the next event.

Ash Silva, Next Century Publishing

"At last night's Launch Gala for H.U.B Inc, Mary Morassutti raised the bar for Networking Communities! From the dynamic members, to the knowledgeable guest speakers - the interactive evening was a huge success. As new members we can't wait to see what's next and watch our business grow along the way. Well done!"

Nadine Moffatt, Owner, Dress Mavens

"I am so impressed with the level of “excellence” H.U.B Inc offers men and women. The caliber of the guests and speakers are truly at a level of those described as “Game Changers.”

It is a privilege to serve as a mentor.  The guest left with solid contacts and strategy plans to take their business to the next level! I can’t wait for the next event!"

Jennifer Ettinger, Fitness and Style Expert

"H.U.B Inc is  a fun, informative event for women who want to connect and learn.  You will leave with ideas and strategies you can implement in your business and life.  Plus, you will meet the most incredible women at the event.  My table had amazing women and one man :).. So wonderful to meet many who want to make a huge impact in this world."

Tahani, Proud Mother | Amazon Bestselling Author | Land Developer | International Speaker | Trainer

"I had no ideal what to expect when I ventured into a room full of dynamic and powerful women at Mary Morassutti's gala launch of "H.U.B Inc". What a night! I left knowing that, with the right connections, and fearless direction, anything was possible. There was a generous sharing of energy and expertise, and I have already made plans to meet with some of the entrepreneurs so that we can explore ways to propel our businesses into a whole new level of success. Mary and her guest speakers and our motivational media expert, Christine Diakos, inspired all of us to strategize and create an instant world of "YES"!  The gifts that we received that evening, go far beyond the delicious wine, hors d'Oeuvres and exquisite give a ways ... what a beautiful reminder that a little courage and a lot of strategy changes everything. After being introduced to "H.U.B Inc", going forward is the only option. Thank you. I am very grateful and I have already started to spread the word!"

Mercedez De Castro, Casting Director / Contact Creator  www.thecontactsquad.com

"Mary Morassutti is a visionary, mentor and an inspiration to everyone she meets. Her energy, passion and enthusiasm is infectious, and her latest event through her new women’s business organization, “H.U.B Inc” is proof of that. Mary created a gala launch that packed a room with smart, successful and powerful entrepreneurs…it was an experience to remember. I look forward to connecting with some of these incredible women and more inspirational events to come."

Phyllis Newman, Executive Producer | Showrunner | Development Producer, TV and Digital Content

"I attended the launch of H.U.B Inc and made some wonderful connections that matter. During the networking session of the evening I made some great connections and that was before the formal part with the keynote & strategy session started! Mary has developed a brilliant concept that will help women grow their businesses - strategically. The feedback I received from my circle of members was very useful. I walked away with some new ideas and contacts I am confident that will help my business grow. Thank you Mary - you are brilliant! I look forward to more sessions!" 

Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, Creator & President: SisterTalk Group ~ a women's leadership network. Leadership Coach | Elephant Storyteller | Author | Consultant

"What an amazing launch party by H.U.B Inc! Mary Morassuitti out did herself, the entire event was well orchestrated while the energy and level of connections with high-level business women was incredible. I am so honoured to be a part of this group of women and excited for what's to come."

Abby McDonald, Life & Career Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Writer Talk With Abby

"Mary has attracted a group of phenomenal entrepreneurs together who I can sense will support each other to their STARS ☆ Her business and media savvy is a unique offering. Her beautiful heart & soul is a real bonus  I feel very blessed to be one of H.U.B Inc's Business Mentors. Thanks for listening to your heart's calling dear Mary...and creating this beautiful group...SO excited for what lies ahead! Blessings bella."

Elvira Hopper, Coach, Mindset Expert

"H.U.B Inc is not a typical networking event. It was an evening of great empowerment, information, sharing and connections. It is a circle of authentic relationships in the making. Kra Co. was honoured to be a sponsor and share our lip balms and lip tints with the group. Not only did we receive maximum exposure of our product, but we were able to share our story and our passion. The experience was like no other event Kra Co. has ever participated in. We left truly renewed and inspired. Thank you to Mary and her team for creating a wonderful evening!"

Lucy Santoro, Owner, Kra Company

"When someone asks me how I grew my business I tell them I network. Now, one doesn't have to go to a networking group per se, but they do need a strategy to help them achieve the most benefits while networking – enter H.U.B Inc. A most brilliant concept developed by Mary Morassutti. Mary has brought entrepreneurs and professionals together to maximize business growth for everyone who participates in her top-notch H.U.B Inc events. Not only does Mary hold quality monthly meetings at exciting venues, she has monthly round table events to help those with questions on how to better their business at smaller venues where the experts come in with the answers and advice  to help position us to maximize our business potential. A well needed concept for anyone who has a business. Thank you Mary. Your hard work and efforts in developing H.U.B Inc"

Maxine Warsh, Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation