About H.U.B Inc


Connections that matter. And our mission is to help connect you to the people, ideas and influences that will accelerate your business.

We believe that interacting with a broad range of like-minded female entrepreneurs and professionals is the best way to fast-track your company – and by far the most effective way to grow your clientele and increase your revenue. 

We also think that traditional business organizations are no longer effective. Today’s businesswoman deserves a new model, one more in sync with the rapidly evolving changes impacting her personal and professional life. To achieve this, we work on both the micro and macro level – bringing you face-to-face with dynamic female leaders in our signature monthly business accelerators and also gala events featuring some of today’s top speakers.

We are progressive, strategic and revenue-focused for our members. We create a road map for female entrepreneurs to succeed. We’ve created partnerships with other companies who believe in our thinking.  H.U.B Inc - Heighten Your Business.

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We offer Business Accelerators to our members – intimate sessions featuring a dream team of female entrepreneurs and business leaders with a focus on strategizing with you about your business, growing your clientele and, best of all, increasing your revenue. 

Passing cards around is only one small level in growing a business. We go further: our goal is to strategically brainstorm and bring the right people into our circles to strategically grow your business.

Gala Events

Our gala events unfold all across Ontario. These events are unique, entertaining and sophisticated – combining the fun of a great night out on the town with a chance to connect to a powerful cross-section of female business leaders. We believe in celebrating our women and at the same time supporting them in their business ventures – and, equally important, having a genuinely great time in the process! Our events feature leading speakers from all across North America and include opportunities for our members to ask these experts specific questions about their businesses.