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Tanya Vakil Fernandes (www.tanyafernandes.ca) operates a full serviced real estate business, assisting her client’s reach their real estate goals. Being part of the Interior Design industry she seamlessly integrates the two by offering value added services to her clientele. Her enthusiasm for real estate is infectious, which comes across when you meet her.
She is an active member of the community she lives in, endorsing the Milton Chamber of Commerce & supporting local businesses. She understands the importance of a great family life, setting personal & professional goals that are realistic & fulfilling on a mental, physical & spiritual level. She has been featured in the Mompreneurs Magazine 2016 & is on the leadership team for United Way - Circle of Women. 
She believes in constantly updating her knowledge on the real estate market, giving her clients an advantage by professing strong negotiating skills at the table.

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Darlene Gudrie Butts

After spending years coaching authors and entrepreneurs, Darlene Gudrie Butts created the Clarity Project to help entrepreneurs and business owners find their lane, target audience, and voice to differentiate them from the competition and create massive impact and success. Once the unique message is established, Darlene uses her best-selling author, national magazine columnist, and professional copywriting skills to clearly communicate it on their website, sales pages, emails, books, and talks. She is also currently finishing her third book, “150 Canadian Stories”, based on her 30,000+kms trek across Canada. You can learn more at www.darlenebutts.com.


Heba Malki is well-known for her ambition, discipline and purpose, qualities that have driven the achievements of both her very successful businesses.

Heba is the Director of Business Operations of domilya GROUP, an award winning home renovation, design and custom construction company in the Halton and Peel Regions of Ontario. With more than 12 years’ experience, and whether it’s building a new home, finishing a basement, working on a commercial space or upgrading a bathroom, domilya GROUP has the skills and the people to turn renovation dreams into reality.

Heba is also a Senior Manager with SendOutCards, an exceptional online tool for marketing and networking that helps you increase referrals, business leads and relationships. Heba has grown a huge successful SOC business in only two years with hundreds of customers and distributors worldwide.

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My name is Puja Misra and I am a portrait photographer specializing in Contemporary Portraits for Women. My passion & mission is empowering women by capturing their inner light & beauty & gifting it back to them.

I chose to specialize in women portraits because one day as I was looking through our family albums for my daughter's school assignment where they had to bring in their family photographs to put up on their classroom wall, I realized that there were hardly any photographs of myself & that I was missing in them. After gaining weight over the years I began avoiding the camera. I also noticed that no matter the body type (lean or curvy) this was the case; not just with me but with many women I knew, whether they were my friends, family or even strangers. I decided to set out on a journey, on a mission i.e. to change this perception of women feeling disconnected with their true beautiful inner self & feeling not good enough. I wanted women to see for themselves that they are enough & beautiful inside out no matter where they are in their life physically & love themselves for who they are because their light & true beauty shines from within them. I wanted to show them that they no longer need to shy away from the camera saying things like “I want to lose 10 pounds first before I get my portraits taken or I am not photogenic, my photos never come out good or the camera doesn’t like me”. I want all women to celebrate themselves at every stage of life, as 10 years from now what will matter & be important is not what weight she was at but the moments with her loved ones & a legacy of beautiful portraits of herself to enjoy & cherish forever. I view beauty portraits as an opportunity to give all women the confidence they deserve & the knowledge that they are beautiful & worthy.


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I am Mirella Canavan. Some people have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. They studied business, they dreamed of being their own boss. That wasn’t me. But I’ve learned that sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you may be surprised what happens when you take a swing.

In my past life, I worked 9-5 everyday as an HR Manager. I remember waking up early to catch the train and not being able to say “good morning” to my sons. When, I got home it was dinner time, which was usually rushed and involved eating in the car while my husband drove us to the next hockey practice. I joined Arbonne in 2013 as a way to supplement our family income as my husband transitioned careers. Owning my own business and working as an Arbonne Consultant full-time was my dream, but I never thought that it would come to fruition.  

But, when I was restructured, my plan “B” became my plan “A”. I knew that the next years of my life were going to be full of choice, freedom and flexibility. A life full of abundance. Now, I enjoy spending time and discussing how Arbonne can enrich other people’s lives. I want to share this lifestyle with other moms and dads. I want to inspire others to shake those 9-5 chains. Sure, being an entrepreneur is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. But if you’ve dreamed about it, or are exhausted from your current daily grind, then it may be time. I am truly having the time of my life!