Mary Morassutti is a start up junkie and a true entrepreneur at heart.

At the outset of her career, she worked as one of the first female Director’s of Photography in the Canadian broadcasting industry. Mary’s expert eye for good stories and good storytelling led to a national and international media career as a director and producer creating television shows in Japan, Paris, London, Rome and across North America.

After getting married and having children, Mary left the television industry in order to re-invent her career. Her entrepreneurial spirit drove her to create STORYBOX PR, a boutique PR and Marketing agency focusing on business owners who wanted their stories told. At the same time that she was running STORYBOX PR, Mary was hired to revitalize the Toronto branch of an international women’s organization. In just over a year she increased membership by 65 percent, garnered national media attention for the Toronto chapter, and won numerous awards.

But Mary wanted to build upon all she’d learned and shift the paradigm even further. She envisioned a women’s organization more in sync with the needs of the female entrepreneurs and business leaders that she had worked so closely with and come to understand. The result was H.U.B Inc –"Heighten Your Business.” H.U.B Inc has grown rapidly and now features chapters all across Ontario. In 2019, H.U.B Inc will expand throughout Canada, an expansion that will transform it into a national business organization for female entrepreneurs.