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We are thrilled and honoured to have the support and dedication of such compassionate members. Their commitment to supporting our members and making our chapter thrive is extraordinary. With such a team we can only thrive in our chapter!

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Barb Takeda - www.soul-fullexpressions.com

It has taken me many, many years to discover my purpose, but I have finally come home to my heart through complete surrender to the universe. After many years suffering with chronic pain and depression which I was taking over one dozen multiple chemical medications, I am finally free.

Within a five year period, I suffered multiple losses - my sister, my father, my mother and my 14 year old dog, all of which pushed me deeply into spiritual discovery. Following years spent healing my body and weaning myself off all of the prescribed medications, I found my purpose through the study of Usui Reiki. Now as a Reiki Master practitioner, teacher and women’s empowerment coach, I am honoured to guide women in discovering how they too can release their past traumas and pain to find their exceptional and live a happy, fulfilled life. 

I have found my purpose in inspiring, motivating and empowering women to use their pain as a pedestal to the pinnacle of their purpose through my quarterly event, “Create Your Exceptional Life”. 

And a little side gig, I’m also a reverend and Officiant and love helping couples tie the knot!!!


Lorree Appleby has over 20 years of client care specialist experience in corporate, small business and consulting.  In 2013, after enduring years of stress, burn out and losing her identity from years of people pleasing, Lorree took responsibility for her life and a risk by exploring entrepreneurship which led to exploring herself on a deep level in mind, body and spirit.

After years of extensive researching, training and massive personal growth, Lorree has radically forgiven her past and taken her power back in her present. Lorree is now living her life fully and following her soul’s purpose as she creates her future by educating and guiding others that it's safe and highly beneficial to open their hearts and live their truth with expanded awareness and consciousness.

Personally trained by Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., Lorree is a certified Radical Living Master Coach, certified Radical Living Workshop Leader & Satori Game Master, Speaker, Author, Intuitive, Healer, Reiki Practitioner and most recently the creator of the game Soul Adventure, a personal development success tool where you use your energy, intuition and inspired action to create clarity, transformation & magic in your life!