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Business Accelerator - Become the Trusted Expert by Stepping on Stage

  • G Centre 190 Harwood Avenue South Ajax, ON, L1S 2H6 Canada (map)

Business Accelerator - Become the Trusted Expert by Stepping on Stage

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Creating an environment of trust and likability is difficult and time-consuming. Being successful on stage in front of a live audience is a more effective, efficient, and successful way to market yourself and your business.


In this engaging and interactive talk, Odette teaches how to avoid the three critical mistakes most people make adding speaking to their business plan and how to quickly become THE expert in your niche by sharing your powerful, personal story.

After building a seven-figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that led to a breakdown and then a rebirth of a new mission to help entrepreneurs and leaders share their unique and powerful story with the world. 

Odette, a professional speaker, experienced business coach, NBC guest star and TEDx alumni, created the  “Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less” and the “Ovation -The Ultimate Mastermind for Speakers" programs to turn entrepreneurs into speakers by building high-impact, lucrative, and purpose-driven businesses using the power of personal stories. 

Whether in a small-group setting or speaking to thousands, she customizes her presentation to your audience’s needs to ensure the most value and then delivers it with her “tell it like it is,” fun, and fast-paced presentation style. Interactive, informative, and educational exercises keep the audience engaged and entertained and then sends them out into the world inspired, motivated, and armed with an action plan.  

For business owners and entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to be seen and heard. Learn how to put focused attention on you without distraction or competition.

  •  Want to create an emotional connection.  Learn how to jump to a high level of “know and like” in a short period of time so people are ready to do business in a matter of minutes versus months by using the power of personal story.

  • Want Instant Credibility. Learn the key content and presentation strategies that build instant trust and set you apart as the expert.

  • Want to build their business faster. Learn how to leverage group psychology to sell from the stage to hundreds, rather than build your business one client at a time.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to share your personal story in a way that inspires confidence and connection with your audience.

  • How to craft a talk that takes your audience on a sales journey rather than bores them with facts and figures.

  • How to make an offer that compels the audience to work with you instead of pushes them away.

  • Where to speak and how to get invited on stage.

Date: Tuesday May 14th, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00pm

Location: G Centre 190 Harwood Ave. South Ajax


Members: $25

Non Members: $35

(No refunds once purchased)