Scale-Up Specialist


Bio:  Travis Edwards is a celebrity trainer (with several TV appearances), author of The Secrets to Success in Diet and Exercise: The Art of Keeping It Simple and the founder of House of Sweat.

Travis is a specialist with helping entrepreneurs scale their business to the next level. He was able to successfully put in systems and processes which allowed him to remove himself from his personal training business (House of Sweat Inc.) and scale to it to over six figures.

Travis Edwards has radically transformed the mind and body of hundreds of people through his contagious personality and unique style of coaching, which has earned him a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and highly respected brand in the health and fitness industry.

House of Sweat (HOS) makes fitness simple. We're a team of elite personal trainers that simply get your results. 

We help you achieve the health and body you've always wanted, with in-home personal training, online customized workouts, nutrition guidance and meal plans. 

Travis can be reached at: