Business Mentors

Michelle Peavy

Title: Business Owner/Executive Recruiter
Bio:  Michelle Peavy is an Executive Recruiter of Rimi and Company,, with 20 years of North American recruiting industry expertise, and a vast array and alliance of joint venture recruiting experts, and corporate client partnerships. She provides recruiting services for the oil/gas industry segments in the areas of Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales/Marketing, Engineering, Strategy and Management Consulting. She is a Master Connector, Networker, and prides her success on long term relationships, combined with an international database and network in Canada and the United States.  

Michelle is the founder and facilitates 5 Circles of Influence Workshops and Spotlight Programs, teaching others how to GET OFF THEIR ASK and get the things they want in their business and personal life.  She is also the co-founder of HERO (Houston Executive Recruiting Organization), the USA, WEN – Women Energy Network, Asian Empowered Women, Live At Choice, YWCA, TreyTech, Between Job Ministries, and HR Roundtable.  She has been featured as a Recruiting and Career Expert in many radio, TV, magazine and Social Media sites. 

Michelle can be reached at