Business Mentors

Krisha Young

Success Coach & Sabotage Slayer

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Bio: Krisha is a champion for those that need to live life on their own terms. Through her bespoke coaching techniques, programs, and speaking events, Krisha helps kick-ass, creative women entrepreneurs and professionals tap into their inner mastery to be their most successful selves, aid them in their quest to make a deep impact on the world and grow their businesses in their own way.

She helps her clients tap into their true design and harness their strengths, inner wisdom, intuitive force, and work with their unique personality traits to design a business and a life of their dreams. She can help you master yourself in the same way so that you too can be bold, break free, be transformed and bring your unique creativity to the world.

A mom to two boys, a lover of yoga, music and eating all the food, Krisha is a woman of the world and can be found with a suitcase in hand, jetting off to different locations around the world.

Krisha can be reached at