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Title: Master Healer, Life Strategist & Former Dominatrix
Bio: The world where you find and own your authentic Feminine Power through the lessons and leanings of the Dominatrix utilising high level energy tools and techniques.

The call to the feminine power is one that is felt globally and women are being asked to own that power once again.

Imagine a world where you stood easily and firmly in what works for you. Where you could express who you are without the need to downplay or apologise.

This Dominatrix energy is powerful, yet soft, kind and firm. She is magnetically attractive to her clients. She compels people to connect with her because she holds that power with an ease that pulls everyone closer.

The Dominatrix has no qualms about saying NO to clients or projects that are not the right fit, she knows there is an abundance of work and she is best serving when she is in total alignment.

Your first step in the journey is to reach out for your introductory session with me.

As a member of H.U.B. Inc you can use your 30 session with me to open to the door to claiming your Inner Dominatrix.

You can reach Dana Pharant at: