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Catherine Meyer

Leadership Coach

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Bio: Have you recently expanded your business beyond being a solopreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur who has grown your business and now find yourself in the role of leading people as well as the business itself?

When your business grows beyond just you, leading others requires a different set of skills and capabilities that aren't part of the typical entrepreneurial profile.

Catherine helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop their strength in leading people so that they can build their capabilities, enhance growth, and maximize results for their business. If you manage a team as part of your business or are in the process of creating a team, Catherine can help you develop your leadership strength to ensure the success of this phase of your growth.

As an exclusive offer to H.U.B Inc members:

Catherine’s mentoring program also includes participation in a Leadership Program she has designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, focused on how to lead yourself, build and manage effective teams, and build the culture you need for success.

As CEO and Founder of Catalyst Leadership Solutions, Catherine provides coaching and leadership solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries. Through a combination of coaching and development solutions, Catherine has provided tools and strategies to a broad range of clients for personal growth and leadership, improving team performance and engagement, and shaping organizational culture.

She is a Certified Professional Coach who has built her career and coaching practice around helping people develop tools and skills for success in their career and life. As someone who gone from being a career executive to launching a business from scratch, she has experienced first hand what it takes to successfully manage through the challenges and opportunities of managing a business.

The foundation of her work is based on the premise that personal and professional success in life depends on your ability to take action from a place that is most natural to you, thereby ensuring success your way.


Catherine can be reached at