Business Mentors

Carolyn Dickinson


Title: Success Coach

Bio: Carolyn Dickinson is an International Success Coach for Entrepreneurs, Author and Speaker.  She skillfully blends her client’s passions into profits while integrating the demands of life.  Carolyn has been in business for over 17 years and has become an expert at creating clarity, focus, a powerful mind set and the strategies to design a business and life you want and love.  As a mom of two young girls and who is involved in all of their activities, she understands what is means to be busy and on the go.

Carolyn has also run and facelifted many conferences including her own I Am The Boss Conference.

Being a business owner is not easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either. The realization that you cannot do it all yourself and it is okay to ask for help is a gift.    

Her philosophy in life is “anything is possible with the right mind set”. -Carolyn Dickinson

Let’s talk NOW and set you and your business on an unstoppable path of growth.  

Carolyn can be reached at