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Amanda Willett

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“I characterize bliss as a continuous sense of well-being and state of internal harmony. A connection to the truth of what matters….. the essence of being turned on, tapped in and lit up from the inside out.”  — Amanda Willett

Title: Self Love Activist + Lifestyle Expert
Bio: Amanda Willett  Founder of Blissful Living Lounge™; Blissful Living Network™; Blissful Living Retreat™ and Creator of “The Sacred Self Love ~ SHINE Masterclass™” and program.

Amanda Willett is a self-love expert who mentors women globally on re-aligning themselves for true happiness and success.  An acclaimed speaker and author; Amanda has supported, coached and spoken for women’s groups around the globe.

Amanda believes that it is our job as humans to always strive for random acts of kindness, love and compassion. As a spiritual ass-kicker, she teaches women how to live it, so they can give it; in business, as a mama, as a partner and a woman!

She is a Desire Map Facilitator and the CEO of Blissful Living Lounge a lifestyle event company and community where women are educated on total self-care and the pillars of self-love. Amanda is a wellness coach that has trained in fitness, nutrition, time-management human resources, self-image and business. She has a degree in business and a designation as a self-image coach from the New York image resource center. In 2009, Amanda co-authored the book ‘The Power of Women United’. She is currently completing her certification with the NAFC as a certified lifestyle and wellness consultant. In her free time, Amanda loves to cook, work-out and do yoga. She is also a mom, globe-trotter and fashion enthusiast.

Amanda is currently working on her next book and plans on opening her wellness & retreat center in 2020.

Amanda can be reached at