I've always been someone who wanted to play by my own terms. And, over the
years, by trial and error, I carved a path for myself as an entrepreneur. But it was
never an easy road.

A big part of my motivation in launching H.U.B Inc was to create a home for dynamic
businesswomen – innovators, risk takers, visionaries – all of them marching to the
beat of their own drummers and yet all of them in need of the support, camaraderie,
guidance, and resources that comes from being a part of like-minded group. Or, as I
like to call it, a family.

And that's the one message that I'd really like to emphasize: you don’t have to do it

Our goal at H.U.B Inc is to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs – to
dramatically increase their revenue and grow their businesses correctly.
No more playing small, and no more struggling on your own: it‘s time we all rise up

I truly believe that when you build confidence in an entrepreneur, when you help
them plug into a larger network and achieve financial success, they will – as a direct
result – be able to give back to their community and, by extension, to change the

That's really what we're here for – to rise up together and make the world a better

I would love to have you join us.