Self-Esteem and Worthiness - An Important Step to Success!

Everything is the matter of perception. You have your own perception of the world around you. You have relationship with everything. You have relationship with your career, with your business, with money, with your success, with people around you. You have the relationship with yourself.
We all have habitual opinions about us. We all have habitual feelings and thoughts about our abilities, our talents, our beauty, our finances, our communication skills, etc.
Have you ever thought about your perception of yourself? What do you think and feel about you? What do you think and feel about your abilities, talents? What do you believe about what you can or can’t do, how much you can earn, how worthy you are?
How do you treat yourself? How do you treat yourself with your own judgments, your own feelings and thoughts?
Have you ever thought about your inner self-image? Have you ever wondered about your relationship with you?
Nevertheless the topic of your relationships with you is pretty significant if your goals are success, financial freedom and happiness overall.
It is really difficult for people with low self-esteem to reach high goals. If you feel guilt, if you feel unworthy, incapable, if you feel useless, if you feel you are unable to do what you want, most likely you won’t reach what you want.
How can others treat you well, love and respect you, if you don’t treat yourself well, love and respect yourself?
We are vibrational beings. We think thoughts that put us in a specific vibration that manifests as feelings. We attract according to our vibrational output. We radiate specific vibration and attract like. 
There are specific laws that govern our Universe, Law of Attraction and its foundation Law of Vibration are as precise as other laws, such as law of gravity.
Therefore your inner state, your habitual thoughts and feelings about yourself play an important role in what you attract and what you experience.
There are many false, negative inner beliefs that you picked up along your life, they influence your habitual vibration, and your habitual point of attraction.
When you let go of those negative limiting, false inner beliefs, you release resistance they create, resistance to the natural flow of Wellbeing that is always here. You feel good and you thrive naturally and easily. When you think thoughts about yourself, your abilities, people around you and the world that are in alignment with Higher Broader Part of You, when you think and feel from Who You Really Are, you feel joy, you are filled with serenity, love, appreciation, pride, success and prosperity. You are open to the free flow of Well being that constantly flows to you and through you. Your journey becomes as joyous as destination and you feel real love, worthiness and appreciation of Who You Really Are.
When you understand that all you are looking for comes from within, you discover the true empowerment, because you realize it is unconditional (does not depend on outside circumstances & people). The only thing you have control of is your inner world (your minds, your inner state, your thoughts and feelings). You can build and shape yourself, because when you bring the change within you see it without. When you change your character (your habitual inner programming) you change your destiny.
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