How Creating A Lush Inner Life Can Change Your Outer Life

By: Abby McDonald

At the beginning of every year I have a theme of words that I want my life to reflect.

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to words, and I like to use them as a guiding compass to assess whether my life is, in fact, reflecting the experiences I would like to have.

And, more importantly, if I’m honouring and living my truth.

This year I’ve chosen the following words: order, flow, joy, devotion, simplicity, love, harmony, elegance, grace, balance, expansion.

All of these words describe my higher self, and how I would like to feel in my inner world in order to manifest externally (in either my personal or professional life).

I then take it a step further, and creatively visualize my inner world in meditation as a vivid representation of these words in the form of a lush garden, flowing rivers, a beautifully decorated room with warm lighting which gives me a sense of feeling grounded, and at peace, serenity, and harmony within.

My world, my reality.

That way, when life happens and experiences start to unfold, (within or out of my control), the beauty of it all is, I can always refer back to my core for perspective. I can figure out what types of thoughts I’ve been having that conformed or deviated from my inner world theme to create the effects of my outer experience.

When there is inner alignment there is outer alignment.

Simple, clear, totally empowering and enlightening.

Let’s drive this point further by using practical examples of questions I can now ask myself.

1)  Is my personal/business finances reflecting a sense of flow and ease as I’ve described my inner world to be?

2)  Are my relationships rich in reflecting love, truth and harmony?

3)  Am I devoted to my work and calling in life as reflected in my daily actions?

4)  Does my home mirror the elegance, order, and beauty that my higher self describes so vividly in my inner sanctuary?

5)  Are my chakras balanced? Is my health in check? Am I taking good care of my vessel by eating the right foods that make me glow with vitality? Am I exercising regularly?

The answers to these questions reveal how much you are in alignment with your higher self. It reveals the things that you deem sacred, and that represent your best self.

Life becomes highly intentional, purposeful, and meaningful.

The goal, though, isn’t perfection by any means. As each one of you are a work in progress, we now have a north star to refer to when things get out of whack.

I find this method so empowering because it brings me back to my truth, and shows me that I am totally, unequivocally responsible for my life, as you are for yours.

The pen is in your hands, while the entire Universe is within, expressing itself through your own unique personalities.

When you open your eyes to see this, life can become a playful, colourful, joyful experience lit up in 5D.

Now over to you, let’s have fun with this!

What are some words that you would like to use to describe the life you would like to live and reflect for 2016?

Or, need advice?

Do share with the rest of the community on the blog and I’ll be sure to reply.

I am wishing you all your greatest year yet!

May 2016 be the year that you flourish and rise into all that you were created to be.

All love,

Abby xo

Life & Career Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Writer
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