Are You Being True to Your Brand Values?

By: Janet Rouss

Many organizations talk about their mission, vision and values. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, your business has a brand. Even if you are a solo-entrepreneur, your business brand is a separate entity -- it lives in between you and your clients. The purpose of your business brand is to demonstrate your commitment to a set of values that are meaningful to your ideal clients. Not everyone, just your ideal clients. The way your personal or business brand behaves -- it’s actions, messages and appearances -- sends a message. As your own brand manager, your job is to make sure it’s the right message!

Val•ues (noun): a set of principles or standards of behaviour, the judgment of what is important.

Your values are the importance you place on certain things, beliefs, actions or behaviours. As an executive, what you value in your life reflects directly into your business. These values in turn become the value proposition of your business brand and must align with the needs, desires and values of your ideal client. Aligned values are the foundation of a trusting and loyal relationship. So it’s worth some time to eVALUate! (It’s no mistake that the word ‘value’ lie at the core of the word evaluate.)

This week I'm asking you -- no, challenging you -- to take a look at your personal values and how they are reflected in your work. What are your values? Are you being true to your values through your actions? If you get stuck, think about how you want to feel in your life. This should give you a clue as to what your values are.

If you've accepted my challenge, let me know in the comments. If you're brave enough, share your results!

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