Homecoming: Part 1

By: Robin Blackburn McBride

On vacation, far from everyday concerns, we can so readily remember we are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Recently, several of my coaching clients have mentioned how camping, hiking, and other getaways to new landscapes are an opportunity to unplug and tune in to who they really are – to an authentic sense of calling and mission.

Paradoxically, being away often brings us home to ourselves.

Yet upon return, the “everyday world” can cause us to forget our true nature. We allow circumstances to dictate our experience. We forget who we are.

Over 200 years ago the poet William Wordsworth wrote, “The world is too much with us…”

I know that world-weary feeling and so do you. We can learn to notice when it surfaces; and we can decide to change it and create from a different emotion.

When you catch yourself feeling like a victim of conditions, remember this: you have the power to interrupt and change the pattern. You can raise your emotional state by placing attention on life-affirming thoughts, beliefs, and goals. What’s more, you can take action for those goals! In this way, you and I consciously create our experience, even (and especially) when present circumstances initially seem daunting.

We are, each one of us, gifted with the ability to create our lives from a Vision – anytime, anywhere.

When we do, we remember who we are.

Years ago when I practised meditation at a Zen temple, my teacher routinely asked, “What is the way of a Buddha?” Here is the answer I still contemplate: “The way of an ordinary life.”

This Homecoming blog series includes techniques for making communion with your Higher Self part of your daily routine. The benefits are great, not only to you, but to the countless beings your one “ordinary,” unrepeatable and immeasurably precious life touches.

Begin with a simple and powerful morning practice…

Here are five steps for aligning with your purpose and passion at daybreak:

1. Set the tone for expansive creativity upon waking. Begin by sitting quietly. You can also do this the night before – or both. You may wish to listen to music with nature sounds to remind you of the Earth’s rhythms and beauty. At such times, it’s a comfort to know how small each of us is in relation to the whole; in this humble, reverential state of Calm, you and I know we have access to the One Universal Intelligence. We connect with our Source when we learn to be still and quiet.

2. If you feel particularly tense, use this simple breathing technique. By doing so, you slow your heart rate and gently instruct your body to relax: Breathe in for five seconds, hold the breath for five seconds, and let it out for five seconds. Use this technique anywhere and anytime, and no one will ever know unless you tell them. It’s a great practice before interviews, exams, challenging conversations, and presentations.

3. Listen to a guided meditation. I often listen to meditations from the coaching programs I offer, or to other recordings that elevate my spirit. Sometimes I prefer silence.

4. Write your Gratitude List: 10 or more things you are grateful for – and in. This helps us shift to the feeling-tone of abundance.

5. In this marvelous feeling of abundance, sit in silence. Shifting the dial from anxiety, or any form of emotional numbness due to overwhelm, to the faith in LIFE that comes in SILENT LISTENING, is an important transformational skill. In silence, we learn to listen to the “still small voice” of Inner Guidance.

When you come home to your Vision, you come home to your Self. What is your Inner Guidance saying to you today?



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