Featured Members

Anne Jennings
CEO at Be Healthier You, Lifestyle and Health Coaching by Anne Marie and Associate and Certified Wellness Coach at USANA Health Sciences Inc.

Anne Marie is a Certified Wellness Coach. It has always been her vision and purpose to make a difference in the lives of others. Her passion for nutrition over the past 20 years has drawn her to pursue a fulfilling career as a certified Well Pro International Wellness Coach. While struggling with her own health issues such as Diabetes and a fatty liver, she learned how to alleviate her symptoms and improve her overall quality of life. Her personal success puts her in a great position to empower people of all ages to achieve greater health and balance.

Peggy Reynolds
Distributor at Scentsy

Like many women, Peggy is proud to have been able to make raising her two boys her biggest priorities. Now that she has proudly sent them on the way to their own wonderful life, Peggy did what most women want to do.  She dove right into being a sole-entrepreneur. Peggy went to where her heart led her and became a representative for “Scentsy”, and is loving every minute of it.