How to Bring More Abundance to Your Life

It Starts With the Power of Positivity.

We could all use a little more magic in our lives.

I’m not talking about silver shoes or carriages that transform into pumpkins at midnight.

I’m referring to magic of the mind.

Before you click away thinking this post is going to be too “woo woo” for your liking, hear me out.

Have you ever heard of magical thinking? Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal and author of Girl Boss dedicated an entire chapter of her book to the concept. And no matter what your beliefs about magic are, it really is a powerful philosophy.

Magical thinking is an everyday mindset we create for ourselves.

Simply put, it’s about recognizing the fact that we are in control of our thoughts, and our thoughts control our lives.

By projecting positivity and success, we become positive and successful. We attract more abundance in our lives. This is everyday magic. It’s not about waving a wand in the air. It’s about setting intentions, meditating with purpose, and chasing your goals.

Remember: your vibe attracts your tribe. They say if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must surround yourself with those who are more successful than you are. If you want to dream big, hang out with dreamers.

If you want to be successful, think successful thoughts.

 Of course, this isn’t to suggest life with positive thinking is all butterflies and rainbows. No, there will still be significant challenges along the way. But a positive thinker doesn’t approach a challenge thinking, “This is the end.” Instead, she faces the obstacle and says, “I’ve got this.”

Positive thinking doesn’t mean you’ll avoid making mistakes. When an idea fails, or a system breaks, a positive thinker says, “I’ll find a better way.”

Most importantly, a positive thinker does not put the onus on someone else to ensure his business gets off the ground. He believes it is his commitment, work ethic, and beliefs that ultimately drive results. A positive thinker says, “I’ll create my own success.”

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