Patti's Message: 

  Patti Smith  - Director H.U.B Inc Barrie

Patti Smith - Director H.U.B Inc Barrie

I am so excited to bring H.U.B. Inc. to the dynamic entrepreneurs of Barrie – a city that was ranked #3 of all large cities in Canada by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and, #16 in Canada’s Best Places for Business (both in 2016)!

H.U.B. Inc.’s  proven system of monthly Business Accelerator meetings and periodic special events combines the best of networking, to create and nurture relationships, with the mastermind format, to provide targeted education and support to its members.

Historically, women have been socialized very differently than men about business, success and making money and H.U.B. Inc. is the perfect way to help Barrie’s women entrepreneurs break through those barriers and skyrocket their success.

You are invited to join us as a guest at a meeting, and then I hope you’ll return as a member of this growing and thriving chapter.

I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to make the connections that matter for you and your business.  

Please contact me at to learn more about what H.U.B. Inc. can do for you!